We're launching the new Direct

Over the last few months we've been working closely with Direct on an exciting project, reinventing the brand, new positioning, a new corporate identity and creating a new integrated communication campaign for them which starts this week.

The key message in the campaign is "If you don't understand, it's not Direct".

The brand proposes to change complexity into quick, simple solutions, simplifying products and processes; combining the human team with the best technology so that everything works. The new positioning of the brand is based on three product messages: Repair Service, M.O.T and Assistence.

And we also worked on a product strategy that will respond to the client's need to know exactly what they are contracting and we developed the Cars/People formula, where we invite consumers to choose on one hand the best cover for their car and on the other, the best Assistence for them, so "they don't overpay and are not underinsured".

This campaign can be seen in the mass media; it consists of 4 T.V ads, press, out of home, online, etc.

The new communication strategy has been implemented at all levels in the Spanish and Portuguese markets, with one to one communication with clients, promotions and materials for partners, workshops, social media, sponsorship, etc.

To do this we have created a whole universe based on the use of the logo script, the 4 secondary colours, the illustrative style defined by the agency, the communication tone which is direct, with and above all understandable.


We're launching the new Direct